We are much more than investment advisors.

We have a complete and integrated portfolio service which covers all aspects related to our client’s financial assets.

We combine the experience and knowledge of the global market with the impartial and personalized vision of a company dedicated to understanding and attending to the particular situation of each family. We are an observer and an attentive actor who, through an efficient management of financial assets, ensures the fulfillment of the established objectives.

The profissionalism, experience, confidenciality, transparency and ethics are the pillars that sustain our job and that allow us to establish health and strong relationships with the families that trust in our job.

Financial Management

We understand how your lifestyle is important for you. With basis on that, we comprehend your needs and financial goals establishing an flux that will ordenate your next steps on short, medium and long terms.

Portfolio’s Management

Portfolio management is closely tied to your life goals.

We start from a global view of your assets, and we arrive at an integrated, personalized and exclusive management of your investments.

For this, AQVA walks by your side to always present and develop efficient strategies and action plans that generate positive results in your financial asset life in general.

Definition of investment vehicles

As important as deciding what it is to invest is how to invest. You decide where you want to go, we offer the best vehicle.

Foreign Investment Planning

We plan and coordinate the elaboration of the correct structure abroad for financial investments, acquisition of real estate and other assets, aiming at asset protection, efficiency gains in resource management and tax minimization.

Customized investment strategies

Investment strategies are always reflections of your goals and lifestyle, always in line with what makes the most sense for you.

Risk Management

The Risks outlined in your investment strategy will always be balanced with your appetite and resilience to market variations and business nature.

Alternative investments

Diversifying will always be a great strategy, well-known in the world of investments and business, and, obviously, on the radars and the looks are attentive at all times.

Income distribution strategy

We think of long life of 100 years. Considering our clients’ lifestyle and purpose and based on guidelines established by these people, we build together with the investing family, a specific investment policy that will meet income targets for each member in such a way as to satisfy the needs and wishes up ahead.

Investment consolidation reports

Delivering reports regularly gives us the assurance that everything is done in the open. Always walking with you.

In addition to presenting the results of our work and the evolution of your portfolio, at each meeting we demonstrate that our investment philosophy works.

Family financial education

Consultants assess different market scenarios and financial risks in different projects. In this way, it becomes possible to ensure the maintenance or equity growth of families.

Investment Research
Economics Research

We have an exclusive area of ​​research that, through an academic vision, connects the market vision to economics as a science.

The result of this is to give you a much more complete interpretation of each and every scenario evaluated.


Responsável por fazer a administração das riquezas e leva diferentes questões em consideração, como aspectos fiscais, tributários etc;

Family governance

It is nothing more than the system by which you and your family relate to your business and your legacy.

Here we can always add up by sharing our experiences with so many other families we serve.

Family assets

We bring opportunities for improvement in relation to the objectives and needs for your heritage. In other words, we will always look for the optimal solution between asset allocation and the objectives outlined.

Financial balance

Better than seeing your heritage grow is enjoying all this with tranquility and planning. This is called prosperity. Our investment and equity strategies have always taken into account your financial balance: to be prosperous, but also to perpetuate.

Sucession planning

We know that your heritage was not created overnight, and, if it depends on us, it will increase and last for many generations. Thus, we know the importance of asset transfer, and what solid solutions in this regard.

Acting in family conflicts

The division of assets between heirs, when successful, will not necessarily take into account the wishes and wishes of each heir, but the financial value of the assets.

In order to avoid disputes and annoyances, it is important to establish a succession plan in life that determines and facilitates the participation of each heir in the estate.

Mergers and Acquisitions / Corporate Restructuring

Opportunities in the business world arise all the time, in the world of business families is not different. We can always follow up and exchange experiences about the operations in which we participate.

Analysis of timely investments

Aqua Wealth Management counts on its staff, with partners and professionals with specialized training and with long careers and reputation in investment management. We develop research and use accumulated intelligence to analyze and propose tactical movements in asset classes that provide relevant results to the strategic objectives authorized in the investment policies of each client. All done with strong governance through product and investment committees within the standards of best market practices.

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